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Prudent Agency is a full service video production company which emphasis on creating powerful video content. With more than 6 years, Prudent Agency focus on delivering immersive and interactive visual experience to companies of all sizes.

We believe in making relations and with over 100+ clients around the globe, we have successfully delivered quality & cost-effective video solution to various verticals like Manufacturing, Software/Technology, Banking, Packaging, Healthcare, E-commerce and many more.

We have in-house talented team of conceptualisers, storyboard artists, animators, designers, and visualizers and hence can deliver end-to-end video solution. Prudent constantly works on creating new ways of visual content to ensure that our clients can utilize the power of storytelling as a huge enabler for communicating their brands in a more convincing manner.

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    Prathamesh K
    Founder / Creative Director
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    Preetesh S
    Account Manager
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    Vinit G
    Sales Executive
  • Image
    Tushar G
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    Yogesh Shinde
    3D Artist
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    Anjali Nair
    Graphics Designer
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    Akshay P
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    Merlyn Alex
    Jr. Content Writer
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    Bhagyashri K
    Talent Acquisition
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    Abhijit B
    Social Media Manager
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    Omkar G
Trusted by most innovative companies around the globe

Our clients

  • Tata Newskills
  • SCG
  • Suhana Health
  • Regport Technologies
  • Suhana Bazaar
  • Ride A Like
  • Suhana Sevenseas
  • Suhana Pravin
  • PerkinElmer
  • Pemac Projects
  • Kisan
  • Houseeazy
  • EFPolymer
  • Cusmat Technologies
  • Blaer Motors
  • Suhana Aambari
  • Japfa India
  • Kuwait Oil Company
  • Magma Technologies
  • Monjin
  • Nexapp Technologies
  • Nichrome
  • PARI
  • Peocit
  • Symbiosis
  • Time Of India
  • Kerone
  • Field MI
  • Deals Of Loan
  • Greenovative Energy
  • Greentek Plast
  • InstaOne
  • Kakade Laser
  • KOEL
  • Life Inside Media
  • Sant Nagebaba Multistate
  • Siddhi Engineers
  • Suhana
  • TNBI Industries
  • Urbanroof
  • Vitalis Technologies
  • Zest Vendcon
  • Kamo Paints
  • Konexious
  • Flex
  • Green Power Earthing
  • Grayspark Audio
  • Atomic Engineers

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The Prudent Team is a passionate group of individuals that are dedicated to building the perfect experience for your audience.