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Animated explainer videos has grown to become a trend in marketing as companies slowly realize the impact it has on the audience. These short minute long videos are effective ways to convey the vision and mission of the company while helping the ideal consumer recognize their needs. They hold the power to build an awareness and create a demand for the products and services of the organization. Their strong visuals and compelling call to action helps in increasing conversion rates and website traffic.

This engaging animated explainer video concept has evolved over the years from a more information-packed video to a certain storytelling-based approach. While one approach attracts the mind, the other caters to the emotion of the consumer. These different styles have proved their efficiency in grabbing the attention of the target audience and building a relationship with your ideal customer.

In recent years, we find that explainer videos has seeped into the entertainment industry with thought-provoking visuals that express a certain novel idea. It has been quite efficient in bringing about a wider change in society. Explainer videos have thus become a staple in its varied forms everywhere.

Statistics from 2021 have indicated that an average of 16 hours every week is spent in consuming video content. These studies also show that 96% of consumers watch explainer videos to learn more about a product or service while 86% of people express interest in watching videos from brands. 64% of consumers have shown to make a purchase after watching branded social videos. On the business end, these studies have shown that more and more brands have started using video content. 84% of brand marketers have found that videos have helped in generating leads.

These figures give a strong backing to the claims that video content is definitely the future of marketing. This can be explained with a simple understanding that the combination of audio visual simulation can lure the attention of the common man. Since video consumption is only increasing recently, we can only expect the video marketing industry to grow and expand. And with the advancements in technology and expansions in connectivity, video content is able to reach a huge number of people. Brands should use major video platforms to bring their content to the general public and in turn find their audience.

Animated explainer videos have seen a gradual growth over the past decade and it does not look like it may fade any time soon. However, like every trend, it is bound to take another form and live on. It will continue to grow and evolve with more creativity and relevance. One thing is for certain that it will take on many varied appearances before doing so. As of now, explainer videos are one of the more efficient methods to express an idea to the intended audience.

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