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91% of marketers believe that the pandemic has increased the value of video for brands

87% of marketers claim that video marketing yields a positive ROI

64-85% Consumers (from any industry) are more likely to invest in a product or service that has a video defining it.

Pandemic and rise in consuming video content

In today’s market with effects of pandemic on it, digital presence has become crucial and the tremendous rise in consuming content has drastically increased since last year's Pandemic, which makes businesses to focus on video marketing and stay competitive.

And the reasons for the decreasing audience attention span is endless - varying from busy schedules to the ocean of options available to switch from. As we know that catching customer’s attention is the very first step for any marketing goal, video marketing is more encouraged than ever before as it not only keeps them engaged but to understand the highlighted features.

Along with communicating with your audience on a personal level; creating videos will cover multiple platforms be it - your company website, different social media platforms, rank better in search results etc which adds up to an important factor i.e it increase in conversion rates.

Corporate video and connecting with audience

Out of many available types of video to choose from, let’s make it simple by picking up the importance of the most common video type - Corporate Video.

As our audience are curious beings just like you and me, they want to know more about the brands they associate with. Which in this case can be showcased via well crafted corporate video which can be connected on various emotional levels by making them feel Excited, Humble, Strong, Inspired etc.

Corporate video helps a company to capture its culture, process of making its product, customer journey, communicate values etc. And the mentioned factors make a company stand out with the authenticity in the video, hence further creating a great brand awareness and building a community genuinely interested in a brand.

It is therefore the best strategy to win your audience’s trust and give them reason to invest in your brand.

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