What is 3D Industrial Animation?

3D Industrial video helps to communicate complex ideas and scenarios safely and effectively while engaging your audience with both visual and audible stimulation.

Industrial or Technical Animation services enhance your marketing by creating affordable animations to explain your products and services, and grow your business. Industrial and technical animations “show” viewers what cannot be “seen.” This enables your company to effectively market & sell your products and services and offer better training & teaching solutions.

Prudent specialised in animating innerworkings of equipment, medical scenarios that occur within the body, safety situations that cannot be safely demonstrated, selling products with easy to understand explainer videos and other processes that require a need to convey a deeper understanding of the subject.

Some of the Industrial Animation Videos we’ve made

Industrial video

Dairy Plant

Industrial video

Smart Gas Automation

Industrial video

Circulation Heater

Our Process


01. The Brief & Kick-off Call

We’ll ask you first to fill out some info about your company and product. Then, we’ll set up an online meeting to get to know your brand and specific needs for the video. At this stage, we focus on sharing ideas and coming up with the general storyline and art direction for the piece.

Download Brief

02. The Script

We craft a script that delivers the right message in a clear and compelling way based on your target audience and marketing goals.

Script Example

03. The Storyboard + Style Frames

We craft the storyboard (which is similar to a comic book) that will showcase the main actions that will take place in the video. Style frames (art design of the character and some scenes) are also created so you can see how the explainer video will play out.

Storyboard Example

04. Modelling | Texturing | Lighting

We come up with all the graphic assets and deliver it in a PDF format so you can see how the story is visually developing.

Graphics Example

05. Animation and Rendering

Here is where we bring the characters and graphic assets to life. We then proceed to add some background music and sound effects to make it perfect.

Watch Video Example

06. Your Video is done!

Let’s celebrate by grabbing a cup of coffee and having a donut! Why not? We deserve it after all!

Wanna grab a bite? Let’s talk.


Other Services


Corporate video

Corporate video tells the story of your company, values and mission and help in gaining the targeted audience, enhances communication and engagement.

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Animated Explainer video

Animated explainer videos are best solution to present the complex ideas in simple, meaningful and engaging way..

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Live Action Video

Live action video humanizes your company and product using emotion and helps you communicate your brand ethos.

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